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Polar Bears and Global Warming Video

They’re cute, cuddly and utterly vulnerable. Polar bears capture the admiration and attention of folks the globe over for their fluffy white furs as well as huggable size. They win respect from pet lovers for their searching ability as well as survival techniques in one of the harshest environments on Planet. But despite their confusing attraction these giants are actually in danger of being actually wiped off Planet entirely.

The Bear Essential
Polar bears are a enormous species that make their homes on the frozen Arctic marine. The bears will definitely spend the majority of their lives on the ice. Males can grow up to ten feet in length and weigh in at over 600 kg! The bears are carnivores, implying they eat the meat of other Arctic pets. At present there are predicted to be merely 20-50,000 Arctic polar bears left in the wild. They are actually on the Endangered Species List.

Who Is Helping, and How
Major contributors to the match to cut the Arctic Polar Bear provide the Coca-Cola Business as well as the Globe Fauna Fund. Collectively these businesses are raising cash to groundwork what is generating international temperature change as well as functioning with governmental agencies to control greenhouse gasoline discharges. More significant ventures consist of energies to protect against unfavorable mortal connections including poaching and remarkable travel and leisure as well as shielding crucial habitat spaces such as birthing dens.

Knowledge is actually power. Become extra informed regarding this vital subject by paying a visit to Polar Bears at World Wild Life.


  1. Ron Paul 2012! says:

    The food chain and animal extinction? If polar bears become extinct, what would the consequences be? Since humans are at the top of the food chain, would it have any effect on any other organism if we became extinct? Sources?

  2. emucompboy says:

    > If polar bears become extinct, what would the consequences be? Their prey animals would increase in number. > would it have any effect on any other organism if we became extinct Yes. Most of our crop plants and some animals (e.g. the domesticated turkey) would become extinct.

  3. Monkeyboy111 says:

    If polar Bears went extinct then the penguin and seals would rule he world

  4. Don S says:

    My subject matter pertains to the extinction of the species. How many species of animals throughout the earth? become extinct say every day, month or year? How come we only hear of the polar bear, the whales, the panda bear, gorillas, elephants, etc. all generally zoo animals and nothing of other species? For example, the lowly skunk gets run over by cars almost everyday but no one cares. Come to think of it zoo animals generate revenues and thus are protected from extinction. Also “comfort” animals such as cats and dogs are also protected not because of kindness to these animals but rather because they give much “cozy. cuddly” comfort to the owners.

  5. nixity says:

    Yes but the skunk isn’t going to be wiped out any time soon – it has a sustainable population. The reason we hear about polar bears, gorillas, whales, etc is because these are animals that are having a hard time sustaining their population due to habitat loss, poaching, etc. Zoo animals do not generate enough revenue to protect their wild counterparts. If they did – the passenger pigeon never would have went extinct. In fact, the last bird died IN a zoo. If you can’t effectively breed the animals in a zoo (e.g., Whales) then it is very hard to offer a solid conservation effort that will really help in the long run. They are doing the best they can, but it’s contributions and entrance fees to the zoo that help them afford these efforts in the first place.

  6. Stevie the Biology student. says:

    I couldn’t give you a number. No one can because we don’t know the current populations up to the minute. But I can tell you that 99% of all species that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct.

  7. roadkill ? says:

    Has the Power Hitter been added to the endangered species list? The science is absolutely clear that power hitter needs protection under the Endangered Species Act. The power hitter, whose stats have been shrinking since the melt down following the Mitchell Report, should be the first to be designated as threatened with extinction mainly because of global warming, since the Polar Bear.

  8. GuyHere!!! says:

    it seems so..

  9. Gilberto c says:

    At the mean time lets enjoy Derrick Lee performance

  10. Mister Six says:

    Isn’t it amazing? They ban steroids… and everybody swears that nobody was using them anyway… But all the homers disappear. And all the old sluggers are declining like old sluggers again. The difference between Rafael Palmiero 5 years ago… and Jason Giambi now… is that Giambi isn’t juiced up… and can’t hit a lick any more.

  11. JER says:

    Derrick Lee is on pace for 50 +

  12. Anonymous says:

    Aussies: Can you please save the polar bears before the whales? I was watching my country’s news talking about how to import minke whale throats or something, and I was quite surprised that the news talked about it so casually! Ordinary Japanese people don’t seem to realize that whaling is a bad thing because whale slaughter has been a part of our culture for centuries. They don’t realize that it’s something wrong to do TODAY. But then the news changed to polar bears in danger of extinction. Australians, how about doing something to save the polar bears rather than throwing stink bombs at Japanese whaling ships? I think it’s much more useful than trying to save the whales because the Japanese are stubborn and ignorant they probably won’t give up for quite a while. The polar bears need urgent help. Well I’m saying, if you’re going to do “something”, why not help the polar bears? The Japanese suck so it seems they don’t want to do anything.

  13. iansand9876 says:

    Two reasons: 1 The whales actually swim past our coasts on their migration. 2 Japan is hunting whales in our backyard. I would be very surprised if your “traditional” whale hunts were carried on using factory ships in the Southern Ocean.

  14. oceangirl78 says:

    The polar bears are dying because of global warming.There are a lot of nations responsible for global warming namely U.S.A,Europe,Australia,ASIA and the list goes on. Whaling is predominately done by the Japanese.It is those Japanese whalers who are responsible for the death of the whales. No one else! I sincerly hope that Australia will not give up on trying to save the whales from the claws of the whalers. As for saving the polar bears? What is your country doing about that?

  15. Spluff says:

    I don’t think Australians actually eat polar bears. They certainly don’t eat polar bear liver (which is poisonous to humans). But the main reason is that it is easy to save whales: stop eating them and the populations will recover naturally. Whales are not naturally a species in crisis: if they become extinct it will be our fault. It is much more difficult to protect polar bears. The bears have evolved to exploit a specific environmental niche very efficiently – now it seem that niche is being threatened. Polar bears are threatened both by global warming, and by changes in the ocean currents. At present we could not fix those problems even if we wanted to:- we don’t know how. Some species (including polar bears and pandas) would probably be in trouble even if there were no people on earth. With some other species (rhino and whales) their main problem is predation by people.

  16. Mel says:


  17. molly says:

    The thing about whaling is the fact that they are doing it in Australian waters and under the pretense of scientific research. Polar bears are dying in the North Pole a long way from our waters because of global warming.

  18. EdwinQ&A says:

    How can we possibly save the polar bear from extinction? 1- (How) can we still prevent all the Arctic ice from melting? 2- What if too much Arctic ice disappears… ?

  19. Spud55 says:

    Quit believing everything you read. This whole thing is political maneuvering and very little more. If it happens, it happens. It’s too bad but that’s the way it is, just like earthquakes in California. that’s a bigger threat than the polar bears having to move to dry land. What are we going to do about the earthquakes? Nothing! Why not? Because nothing can be done. It’s the earth’s doing and for a few simple minded, politically indentured, self recognition absorbed, so called scientists and politicians to be so arrogant as to try to convince the people this is something we’re responsible for, or can fix, is CRAP!! I am so SICK of hearing about this.

  20. K-Marie says:

    Cut down on our waste, it seems like a small measure but it does a lot if everyone just took the time to do it. Recycling is something that should become mandatory in all nations. Fishing laws also should be something that the government and all other parties involved should be looking at seriously as overfishing leads to starvation. Last but not least donating to conservation groups to help the fight.

  21. Katherine M says:

    Don’t you think it’s weird that Palin is Pro-Life,yet she hunts and shoots wolfs?…And she is wanting to get rid of the Polar Bear Extinction program so that she can hunt them…..I like the woman,but I’m still trying to figure her out.Do you agree with me?? **If you disagree,please disagree NICELY**

  22. Michael M says:

    She’s “pro-life” when it comes to human beings. Anti-abortion and she’s also an advocate for adoption. Animal hunting does not have anything to do with being “pro-life”. Hunting humans has never been documented in the USA but is widely practiced in African countries. Her hunting habits only target animals that are not on endangered species lists.

  23. dpsimswm says:

    I think its more weird that McCain chose her as a running mate since his views obviously don’t line up with hers. Look at his stance on abortion. http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/john_mccain.htm As the McCain camp has said, this election isn’t about issues, its about personality. On the other hand, Barack Obama is very clear on his positions. Take a look at his blueprint for change. http://www.barackobama.com/issues/

  24. Franchement! says:

    I am a Canadian and I don’t care or will discuss american internal affaires, but I can give you my opinion about the person Sarah Palin. Yes, for me it is weird to hear that somebody cares about life but do not car about the life of all forms of life. If you are capable of feeling compassion, you are compassionate towards everybody and everything, for it is a personality trait. For me, she is a politician above all and she cares about the votes of the christian fundamentalists only. That is what I think.

  25. Randy F says:

    No sweetheart I don’t agree. I live in Georgia where the Dept Of Natural Resources tuned out coyotes and Red Wolves several years ago on some “Do Gooder” program. Since that time they have decimated the small game populations. Rabbits and quail are almost nonexistent now due to the genius of the save everything PETA portion of our gov’t. Now the state recognizes their folly and tries to get citizens to kill the damn things by any means available. Wildlife programs have brought some species of animals up to a number in the wild where they are so numerous they are causing severe problems. Such as alligators. Alligators are taking over in Florida and Georgia. The population can now hunt these animals to control their numbers which is a good thing. Wild hogs are increasing to the point that they can be hunted 12 months out of the year. I’m all for protection of any species when their numbers dwindle but not to the point they become and endanger to all that’s around it, animals or humans.

  26. scrooge says:

    no, I don’t agree with you at all, she is a hypocrite, and I don’t like hypocrites.

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